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When you mention eucalyptus oil, most people think of Australia and the koala bear.

Although there are over 600 different species of eucalyptus oil grown all over the world, there are only a handful of eucalyptus oils which have medicinal value, and Kelly’s World Famous only uses the finest, with the highest cineol or eucalyptol content available (over 80%). (Note: this is a natural compound found in eucalyptus oil.)

Because of our experience in blending essential oils, Kelly’s World Famous has taken the guess work out of blending an effective product. We specialize in producing this blend and strive to do a great job. The staff at Kelly’s are experts in eucalyptus oil production and blending. I can assure you that by following a reliable process, they are able to deliver a consistent product every time. Because of that, you will find that our oil is one of the most expensive on the market today. Yes, you can find cheaper oil, but then again, you get what you pay for.

Highest Quality: Kelly’s World Famous Oils are all formulated in an FDA inspected white room facility, so that you can trust in the safety and purity of what you put on your body.

Kelly’s World Famous® Australian Oil of Eucalyptus ingredients:

  • AUTRALIAN OIL of EUCALYPTUS:  Eucalyptus oil actually penetrates the skin and provide topical and tissue pain relief, increases circulation, relaxes muscles and relieves itching
  • GRAPSEED OIL: THE AMAZING GRAPE SEED EXTRACT, NATURE’S ANTIOXIDANT: WHAT ARE ANTIOXIDANTS? Antioxidants are important protectors of health because they provide electrons that neutralize “”free radicals””–molecules with unpaired electrons, which have the power to cause degenerative and life-threatening diseases.FREE RADICALS are produced from normal oxygen metabolism within the body, and from exposure to certain chemicals, environmental pollutants, sunlight, radiation, burns, cigarette smoke, drugs, alcohol, viruses, bacteria, parasites, dietary fats, and more. The antioxidants known today are vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, selenium, bioflavonoids and bioflavanols that are found in grape seed oil.GRAPE SEED EXTRACT BOTTOM LINE – Not a whole lot has been written about grape seed extract used topically. The majority of the studies have been done for internal applications, and it is amazing and I highly recommend that if you do not currently supplement your diet with grape seed extract, go to your favorite nutritional source and look into it. The reason we use grape seed extract with Kelly’s World Famous All Natural Pain Relief Formula is that it has anti-inflammatory properties, which assists in relieving inflammation and pain. We have also found that grape seed extract is an incredible carrier oil which will carry the other essential oils deep into the tissue for superb all natural pain relief. And because of the make up of grape seed extract the likelihood of it being a skin irritant is virtually nonexistent.
  • ALOE VERA: “”THE MEDICINE PLANT”” – It is amazing to me that the more research I do in the field of Aloe Vera the more incredible the plant becomes. Much of the Aloe grown today is done in arid dry regions of the world, primarily the Southwest United States in the Rio Grand Valley area of Texas, and not surprisingly, Australia also has good quality Aloe Vera production. Now why is the Aloe Vera so awesome? Quite simple: the Aloe Vera plant produces at least 6 antiseptic agents: cinnamonic acid, lupeol, salicylic acid, urea nitrogen, phenols, and sulfur. The interesting thing about this is that those chemical agents naturally occurring in Aloe Vera are recognized as antiseptics because they eliminate or hold in check mold, bacteria, fungus as well as viruses. This may explain why Aloe Vera has the ability to eliminate many external infections. The Salicylic acid and the Lupeol found in the juice of the Aloe Vera also makes it an effective painkiller. By including Aloe Vera in the Blending of Kelly’s World Famous All Natural Pain Relief Formula, we give you a very stable natural antiseptic and pain reliever. This is why the product works so well on pain, skin irritations, and especially burns and sunburn pain.
  • JOJOBA OIL: YOU OWE THIS TO YOUR SKIN – Jojoba has been around for hundreds of years. In fact the Native Americans of the Southwest United States used Jojoba oil (which comes from the bean). They understood the nutritional, medicinal, and cosmetic applications of this natural product. In the twenties and thirties, university studies confirmed the fact that the valuable sperm whale oil and Jojoba oil had identical characteristics, with the notable exception of a fishy odor. Therefore Jojoba has become a complete replacement for whale oil, thus preserving an endangered species and allowing you the benefits of an incredible oil:
    • JOJOBA OIL AND INSAPONIFIABLES – You may or may not have heard of insaponifiables; these are components of certain oils found in vegetables that assist in the rejuvenation of scarred, wrinkled, and otherwise damaged skin. Most vegetable oils are made of some insaponifiables, at least 2%-3%, except for Jojoba which studies have indicated that it is made up of at least 50% insaponifiables. Starting in your twenties, your skin starts to lose some of its elastin, or its elasticity. You have all seen rubber bands when they are new; they stretch and are able to pull and bounce right back to shape. Now contrast that to an old rubber band that, due to heat and light, cracks and doesn’t stretch well. To a certain extent our skin does the same thing, so by using topical products like Kelly’s World Famous All Natural Pain Relief Formula you can rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.
  • VITAMIN E – This essential oil has been added to our product for its antioxidant effects and for its unique ability to repair damaged skin tissue caused by harmful UV radiation. This is why we included both vitamin E and Aloe Vera because they work well together: the Aloe works to relieve pain and nourish the skin and the Vitamin E with the Jojoba work together to ward off the effects of dry damaged skin.

Now let’s look at some examples as to how the ingredients of this product work together:

  1. Burns and Sunburns
    • Aloe Vera: Provides antiseptic help and relieves the topical discomfort of the pain
    • Eucalyptus oil: Provides topical pain relief
    • Jojoba: Rejuvenates and helps repair the damage caused by burns or UV rays.
    • Vitamin E: Works with the jojoba in repairing damaged skin.
    • Grape Seed: Anti-inflammatory, soothes and helps carry the other essential oil where they need to go.
  2. Minor Aches and Pains Caused by Arthritis, Bursitis, Muscle Aches and Soreness
    • Eucalyptus oil: With the help of the other carriers the eucalyptus oil actually penetrates deep into the skin, then causes blood to flow to the area in which it was applied, increases circulation, this will help reduce inflammation and reduce the pain.
    • Grape Seed: Anti-inflammatory, helps to carry the eucalyptus oil and reduce swelling and inflammation
  3. Insect Bite pain and itch relief
    • Eucalyptus oil: Topical relief of pain, relieves itching.
    • Grape seed: Anti-inflammatory
    • Vitamin E: Rejuvenates and soothes at the bite
    • Aloe Vera: Provides antiseptic relief and helps relieve pain and itching.
    • Jojoba: Rejuvenates and helps repair the damage caused by the burn or UV rays.
  4. Stress Relief
    • Eucalyptus oil: Aromatherapy is soothing, can be used for relaxing the muscles around the neck relieving the stresses of the day.
    • Grape Seed: Anti-inflammatory, carrier, relaxes the muscles
    • Vitamin E: Rejuvenates and soothes the skin.
    • Aloe Vera: Calming and soothing
    • Jojoba: Soothes and repairs the skin.

This just gives you the idea how Kelly’s World Famous oils can work synergistically with each other. I know you will find many uses for this remarkable product

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  1. Erik Shuttleworth

    I have used (and shared) this eucalyptus oil blend for back spasms and pain from scoliosis. It works.

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