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In Praise of Kelly’s World Famous Eucalyptus Oil®

“Dear [Kelly’s],

“We just bought your oil of Eucalyptus…. My wife and I have been very grateful to have the product available for our various aches and pains and muscle discomforts. I am a retired specialist in Internal Medicine. I feel the spray has been more useful than some of the drugs I have used when I was in practice and there are no side effects. Your advertisement stated: “Stop by and we will spray your aches and pains for free….walk around for 5 minutes. When the pain goes away (and it will) come back and make your purchase.” That is exactly what happened. Please send me two more 8 oz. bottles.

“PS: At one time in my career I was an Industrial Physician, and I believe the product would be very useful in the medical or first aid departments in industry.”

— Dr. Kinch, MD

“I tried your [World Famous Eucalyptus Oil] and it has literally changed my life. Because of several back injuries and a major surgery, I had been on three very strong medications for chronic back pain. I had been in therapy for my back, had tried a chiropractor and none of that seemed to help. In 1996 a neurologist put me on the medications. These medications were costing me about $350 every month and a half, and were still not taking care of the pain the way that I hoped that they would. My husband and I drove to Branson from Colorado. Two days of sitting in the car caused me such pain that I could hardly walk by the time we arrived in Branson. We walked across the street from our motel to eat dinner and there was a lady selling your World Famous Eucalyptus Oil in that same building. She could tell by the way I was walking, that I was in a lot of pain and urged me to rub some of the oil on my back. I was very skeptical, but finally agreed to go into the ladies room and rub some on my back. I couldn’t believe it. Not 2 minutes after rubbing the oil into my back, the pain was completely gone! At first I thought that it must have been my imagination, so I walked around for awhile. Still no pain! I went back and bought several bottles of the oil to take home with me. I feel and sleep better than I ever did on all of those medications. Having the oil is much more economical, and I no longer have to have my liver checked every three months to see if the medications were destroying my liver! I thank God every day for leading me to that woman that night and I thank God for you, for developing your [Kelly’s World Famous Eucalyptus Oil®].
Sincerely,” — G. Brown, Colorado

“How may I become a supplier for the demand that I envision to be a fast selling product?”— Robert D. Augusta, GA

“I use it for my arthritis which is bad and product works instantly. The pain is gone. Now I can sleep.” — Ms. Alberta Byers

“I have to admit that I was “Skeptical” when I tried your pain relief “Oil of Eucalyptus” Once I did, the skepticism ended and I enjoyed instant relief from my Tennis Elbow problem which had continued after many other so called remedies that I had tried. I can now recommend your product without any reservation to anyone seeking similar relief from pain. Thank you for introducing me to this fabulous product.” — P. Lemongello